H2O Activity Kit - Pony & Horseshoe


Looking for a different way to be creative with beads? Try Perler H2O! Perler H2O uses water to fuse the beads together—no heat or iron required. Place the clear bead board on top of the pattern, place the beads, then spray with water. Once the beads dry, they are fused together, and you have a clever new design to show off! Makes 2 projects—a pony and a horseshoe. For ages 4 and up. 

This Perler H2O water-fuse bead activity kit includes: 175 round beads, clear hexagon bead board, double-sided pattern card, spray bottle, tweezers, and easy instructions. Bead colors include: neon orange, yellow, blue, purple, coffee, black, and white.

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