For Teachers

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"I am a family childcare provider and preschool teacher, and Perler beads are great. During quiet time the older children are to play quietly while the younger children nap. I tried many different activities, however, I haven't found any thing that works as wondrous as Perler beads! They are also a learning tool for the children. They are using their math skills for sorting, patterning and counting, as well as problem solving skills such as debating the color to use when some else has chosen the same color first.

The one skill area that Perler beads help children build is their social skill area. The children share ideas, help others find the color needed for a special project, along with helping each other make the project. After their project has been ironed and a magnet put on the back, they use their science knowledge to discover what the design will stay on around the house, the younger children get very excited when they discover it will stay on other things besides the refrigerator."
~Marion from WA

"We make little people and objects to use for our felt board stories. We stick velcro on the back of our characters and use them to tell stories with, as I read the story the kids act out the story using their Perler Bead characters, they love making the people and things that go along with the story. I think it makes it more personal because they created the characters themselves."

FAQs and Tips:
  • Small pegboards use approximately 150-250 beads each
  • Large pegboards use approximately 750-1000 beads each
  • Clear pegboards are available in a small square and large square, and are useful for placing designs underneath.
  • Most designs on our site use the Large Square pegboard.
  • Recommended ages for the Big Beads: 3-4 years
  • Recommended ages for the regular beads: 5+