New to Perler Beads?

The award-winning activity your kids will love!

Your kids will have hours of fun, never realizing they are learning patterning, focusing, eye-hand coordination and creativity.

Perler Beads are just plain fun! With tons of colors and pegboard shapes to choose from, the possibilities are as limitless as a child's imagination. Kids can make suncatchers, frames, jewelry, ornaments, and more.

The process is simple:

1.Colored beads are placed on reusable pegboards in any pattern or design.

2.The design is ironed for 10 seconds using special ironing paper and an iron set on medium heat to fuse the beads together.

3.When the design is cool, peel the ironing paper off and lift the design from the pegboard.

4. The design can be flipped over and ironed on the opposite side to fuse the beads evenly.