Box of Small Pegboards, 24 ct.


  • Includes (4) flower pegboards, (4) dolphin pegboards, (4) kitty pegboards, (4) purse pegboards, (4) pony pegboards, and (4) large girl pegboards
  • Flower pegboards measure 3.12" x 5.37", dolphin pegboards measure 3.6"L x 3.3"W, kitty pegboards measure 3" x 3.8", purse pegboards measure 3.6"L x 3.5"W, pony pegboards measure 4.25"L x 4"W and large girl pegboards measure 3.6"L x 5.75"W
  • These adorable and easy to use pegboards come in yellow, purple, green and orange
  • Can be used with any of your Perler beads for tons of fun and creative crafts!
  • This is the perfect craft for large groups—great for parties and play dates!

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